ContainerTrucksPrince Rupert’s Fairview Terminal has seen substantial growth since it began operations in 2007, now recognized as the fastest growing container terminal in North America, and Gat Leedm Logistics has been involved in the success of the terminal from day one.

Gat Leedm Logistics’ experienced drivers who know the terminal and the roads around Prince Rupert have been moving containers to and from the terminal for the past nine years, doing it safely and efficiently. Our drivers and our company know how the terminal operated and what is expected of containers being delivered to the site. And as the terminal undergoes expansion to add more capacity, which would make it among the largest terminals in Canada, Gat Leedm Logistics will be there to meet that demand.

We also have extensive experience taking containers from Fairview Terminal to the container examination facility in Prince Rupert and returning them safely to the terminal for shipping via CN Rail into the rest of Canada and the mid-western United States.

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